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GLSL Shaders

Please see the full article.


Category Feature Shaders Code Uniform variables Cvars Status
Model rendering MD3 src/engine/rendererGL/tr_model_md3.c Unknown
Model rendering MD5 main/glsl/vertexSkinning_vp.glsl src/engine/rendererGL/tr_model_md5.c Unknown
Model rendering Animation blending Unknown
Post-processing effect Motion blur Unknown
Post-processing effect Heat Haze
  • r_heatHaze
  • r_heatHazeFix
Post-processing effect Bloom
  • r_bloom
  • r_bloomBlur
  • r_bloomPasses
Issue 156
Texture mapping Lightmaps Unknown
Texture mapping Deluxe mapping Unknown
Texture mapping Normal mapping
  • r_normalMapping
  • r_normalScale
Texture mapping Specular mapping
  • r_forceSpecular
  • r_specularExponentMin
  • r_specularExponentMax
  • r_specularScale
Texture mapping Glow mapping Unknown
Fog Unknown

Console Variables

Name Type Description Added in Known Issues
cg_motionblur Float If 0, disables motion blur. If greater than 0, sets the magnitude of the motion blur effect. 0.1 is recommended. 9730e68f None
cg_lightFlare Integer Broken
cg_motionblurMinSpeed Integer The minimum speed at which to apply motion blur. None
r_allowResize Unknown
r_alphabits Unknown
r_ambientScale Unknown
r_availableModes Unknown
r_bloom Boolean Enables/disables bloom. XreaL Unknown
r_bloomBlur Float? Sets the radius of the blur function performed to generate the bloom texture.
r_bloomPasses Integer Sets the number of passes performed when generating bloom.
r_cameraFilmGrain Unknown
r_cameraFilmGrainScale Unknown
r_cameraPostFX Unknown
r_cameraVignette Unknown
r_centerWindow Unknown
r_chcIgnoreLeaves Unknown
r_chcMaxPrevInvisNodesBatchSize Unknown
r_chcMaxVisibleFrames Unknown
r_chcVisibilityThreshold Unknown
r_clear Boolean Enables/disables clearing buffers between frames. Unknown
r_collapseStages Unknown
r_colorMipLevels Unknown
r_colorbits Unknown
r_compressDiffuseMaps Unknown
r_compressNormalMaps Unknown
r_compressSpecularMaps Unknown
r_cullShadowPyramidCurves Unknown
r_cullShadowPyramidFaces Unknown
r_cullShadowPyramidTriangles Unknown
r_customHeight Integer The horizontal resolution, in pixels, to use if r_mode is -1. None known
r_customWidth Integer The vertical resolution, in pixels, to use if r_mode is -1. None known
r_customaspect Unknown
r_debugShadowMaps Unknown
r_debugSort Unknown
r_debugSurface Unknown
r_debuglight Unknown
r_deferredShading Unknown
r_depthbits Unknown
r_displayRefresh Unknown
r_drawBuffer Unknown
r_drawSun Unknown
r_drawentities Unknown
r_drawpolies Unknown
r_drawworld Boolean Enables/disables drawing map geometry. Quake 3 None known
r_dynamicBspOcclusionCulling Unknown
r_dynamicEntityOcclusionCulling Unknown
r_dynamicLight Unknown
r_dynamicLightCastShadows Unknown
r_dynamicLightOcclusionCulling Unknown
r_evsmPostProcess Unknown
r_ext_compressed_textures Unknown
r_ext_depth_bounds_test Unknown
r_ext_draw_buffers Unknown
r_ext_framebuffer_blit Unknown
r_ext_framebuffer_object Unknown
r_ext_generate_mipmap Unknown
r_ext_half_float_pixel Unknown
r_ext_multisample Unknown
r_ext_occlusion_query Unknown
r_ext_packed_depth_stencil Unknown
r_ext_separate_stencil Unknown
r_ext_stencil_two_side Unknown
r_ext_stencil_wrap Unknown
r_ext_texture_filter_anisotropic Unknown
r_ext_texture_float Unknown
r_ext_texture_non_power_of_two Unknown
r_ext_vertex_array_object Unknown
r_extx_framebuffer_mixed_formats Unknown
r_facePlaneCull Unknown
r_fastsky Unknown
r_finish Unknown
r_flareFade Unknown
r_flareSize Unknown
r_flares Unknown
r_fontScale Unknown
r_forceAmbient Unknown
r_forceFog Unknown
r_forceSpecular Unknown
r_fullscreen Unknown
r_gamma Unknown
r_glCoreProfile Unknown
r_glDebugProfile Unknown
r_glForceDriver Unknown
r_glForceHardware Unknown
r_glMajorVersion Unknown
r_glMinorVersion Unknown
r_glslOptimizer Unknown
r_halfLambertLighting Unknown
r_hdrContrastOffset Unknown
r_hdrContrastThreshold Unknown
r_hdrDebug Unknown
r_hdrGamma Unknown
r_hdrKey Unknown
r_hdrLightmap Unknown
r_hdrLightmapCompensate Unknown
r_hdrLightmapExposure Unknown
r_hdrLightmapGamma Unknown
r_hdrMaxLuminance Unknown
r_hdrMinLuminance Unknown
r_hdrRendering Unknown
r_hdrToneMappingOperator Unknown
r_heatHaze Integer 0 disables the heat haze effect 41c23240 None
r_heatHazeFix Unknown
r_highQualityNormalMapping Unknown
r_highQualityVideo Unknown
r_ignore Unknown
r_ignoreGLErrors Unknown
r_ignorehwgamma Unknown
r_inGameVideo Unknown
r_intensity Unknown
r_lazyShaders None known
r_lightBleedReduction Unknown
r_lightScale Unknown
r_lightSpacePerspectiveWarping Unknown
r_lockpvs Boolean If set to 1, locks the set of potentially visible cells to whatever was potentially visible when the value was changed; the PVS will not be changed until the value is reverted to 0. Quake 3 None known
r_lodBias Unknown
r_lodScale Unknown
r_lodTest Unknown
r_logFile Unknown
r_mapOverBrightBits Unknown
r_maxpolys Unknown
r_maxpolyverts Unknown
r_measureOverdraw Unknown
r_minimize Unknown
r_mode Integer Sets the resolution (i.e., video mode) to one of a number of predefined resolutions. Quake 3 None known
r_noFog Unknown
r_noInteractionSort Unknown
r_noLightFrustums Unknown
r_noLightScissors Unknown
r_noLightVisCull Unknown
r_noMarksOnTrisurfs Unknown
r_noShadowFrustums Unknown
r_noShadowPyramids Unknown
r_nobatching Unknown
r_nobind Unknown
r_nocull Unknown
r_nocurves Unknown
r_noportals Unknown
r_norefresh Unknown
r_normalMapping Unknown
r_normalScale Unknown
r_novis Boolean Disables/enables culling of map cells. Quake 3 None known
r_offsetFactor Unknown
r_offsetUnits Unknown
r_overBrightBits Unknown
r_overDarkeningFactor Unknown
r_parallaxDepthScale Unknown
r_parallaxMapping Unknown
r_parallelShadowSplitWeight Unknown
r_parallelShadowSplits Unknown
r_picmip Unknown
r_portalOnly Unknown
r_precomputedLighting Unknown
r_printShaders Unknown
r_railCoreWidth Unknown
r_railSegmentLength Unknown
r_railWidth Unknown
r_recompileShaders Unknown
r_reflectionMapping Unknown
r_rimExponent Unknown
r_rimLighting Unknown
r_rotoscope Unknown
r_roundImagesDown Unknown
r_sdlDriver Unknown
r_shadowBlur Unknown
r_shadowLodBias Unknown
r_shadowLodScale Unknown
r_shadowMapDepthScale Unknown
r_shadowMapLinearFilter Unknown
r_shadowMapLuminanceAlpha Unknown
r_shadowMapQuality Unknown
r_shadowMapSizeHigh Unknown
r_shadowMapSizeLow Unknown
r_shadowMapSizeMedium Unknown
r_shadowMapSizeSunHigh Unknown
r_shadowMapSizeSunLow Unknown
r_shadowMapSizeSunMedium Unknown
r_shadowMapSizeSunUltra Unknown
r_shadowMapSizeSunVeryHigh Unknown
r_shadowMapSizeUltra Unknown
r_shadowMapSizeVeryHigh Unknown
r_shadowOffsetFactor Unknown
r_shadowOffsetUnits Unknown
r_showAreaPortals Unknown
r_showBatches Unknown
r_showBspNodes Unknown
r_showCubeProbes Unknown
r_showDecalProjectors Unknown
r_showDeferredDiffuse Unknown
r_showDeferredLight Unknown
r_showDeferredNormal Unknown
r_showDeferredPosition Unknown
r_showDeferredRender Unknown
r_showDeferredSpecular Unknown
r_showDeluxeMaps Unknown
r_showEntityTransforms Unknown
r_showImages Unknown
r_showLightBatches Unknown
r_showLightGrid Unknown
r_showLightInteractions Unknown
r_showLightMaps Boolean Shows lightmap textures in place of diffuse and other textures on affected geometry. Quake 3 None known
r_showLightScissors Unknown
r_showLightTransforms Unknown
r_showOcclusionQueries Unknown
r_showParallelShadowSplits Unknown
r_showShadowLod Unknown
r_showShadowMaps Unknown
r_showShadowVolumes Unknown
r_showSkeleton Integer Controls the display of a wireframe skeleton overtop skeletal (e.g., MD5) models. XreaL Issue 2
r_showSky Boolean Enables/disables drawing the sky over top of the world so that one may see which portions are being drawn (the renderer attempts to draw as little sky as possible to avoid wasting fillrate). Quake 3? None known
r_showSmp Unknown
r_showTris Boolean Enables/disables showing a wireframe overtop (most) triangles. Quake 3 Unknown
r_showcluster Unknown
r_simpleMipMaps Unknown
r_singleShader Unknown
r_skipBackEnd Unknown
r_skipLightBuffer Unknown
r_smp Enable/disable symmetric multiprocessing. Unknown
r_softShadows Unknown
r_specularExponentMin Unknown
r_specularExponentMax Unknown
r_specularScale Unknown
r_speeds Boolean Enables/disables display of statistics related to rendering. Unknown
r_staticLight Unknown
r_stencilbits Unknown
r_stitchCurves Unknown
r_subdivisions Unknown
r_swapInterval Integer Controls vertical synchronization. If the value is less than one, vertical synchronization is disabled. If the value is greater than one, a frame is drawn every nth refresh of the display: if enabled, the resulting framerate is given by your monitor's refresh rate divided by r_swapInterval. None known
r_textureMode Unknown
r_uiFullScreen Unknown
r_vboCurves Unknown
r_vboDeformVertexes Unknown
r_vboFaces Unknown
r_vboLighting Unknown
r_vboModels Unknown
r_vboOptimizeVertices Unknown
r_vboShadows Unknown
r_vboSmoothNormals Unknown
r_vboTriangles Unknown
r_vboVertexSkinning Unknown
r_verbose Unknown
r_vertexLighting Unknown
r_wolfFog Unknown
r_wrapAroundLighting Unknown
r_zfar Integer Sets the distance to the far clipping plane. Unknown
r_znear Integer Sets the distance to the near clipping plane. Unknown
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