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System Requirements

Note: These requirements are a work in progress and are not backed by extensive user testing.

Minimum Recommended
Operating System
  • Linux
  • Mac OS X
  • Windows
OpenGL Version 2.0 or higher 3.0 or higher
GPU Discrete graphics card or modern (post 2011) integrated graphics. Radeon HD 5000 series or equivalent
CPU Architecture x86, x86-64. For other architectures you will have to compile the game yourself.
CPU Speed 1.8 GHz Dual Core 2.4 GHz Dual Core
Disk space 3 GB
Space requirements expand every release, however this will reducewith the planned filesystem-overhaul and texture-compression updates.

Data locations

Data and User directories

Platform Variant Default Binary Directory (fs_libpath) Default Data Directory (fs_basepath) Default User Directory (fs_homepath) Notes
Windows 32 bit C:\Program Files\Unvanquished My Documents\My Games\Unvanquished The actual directories depends on where the game was installed.
64 bit C:\Program Files (x86)\Unvanquished
Mac Unvanquished/ Unvanquished/ ~/Library/Application Support/Unvanquished The data directory is the directory containing
Linux Compiled from source Path containing binaries ~/.unvanquished The default user directory is a hidden dotfile.
Installed from repo /usr/lib/unvanquished /usr/share/unvanquished


Directory Name Description
Configuration files
main/ autoexec.cfg A user-created file that the engine will parse automatically when the game is started.
autogen.cfg The configuration file automatically generated by the engine. Do not modify this file unless you know what you are doing.
keybindings.cfg The key bindings file automatically generated by the engine. You may modify this, but be aware that if the game is running, it will ignore your changes; if you edit any bindings in-game, it will overwrite your changes.
User Identification
main/ guid Globally unique user ID. This is no longer used and may be deleted.
main/ pak*.pk3 Game assets. That these are named what they are does not matter so much as they are named alphabetically. See Packaging Game Data for more information.
map-*.pk3 Individual maps. As with game asset packages, the filename of these does not matter as long as they have the .pk3 extension, though it is helpful to name them the same as the map contained inside.
main/ crashlog.txt A log containing the contents of the console before a crash.
games.log A (text) record of all games that you have played.
servercache.dat A binary file containing the last known list of servers and related information.
/ conhistory A text file containing your console history.

User Profiles

User profiles are located in the profiles/ subdirectory of your data directory.

Using the Console

See Console.

Variable Expansion

Any console variable can be used as an argument to a command by wrapping said variable between two dollar signs ($).

For example, if you were currently spectating and were to type the following at the console:

-> say I'm on the $p_teamname$ team!

everyone on the server would see you say "I'm on the spectator team!".

Creating a startup log


  1. Start a command-prompt.
    • Windows 7 — Click the Start button, then "All Programs" → "Accessories" → "Command Prompt".
    • Windows XP and prior — (Note that this also applies to Windows 7 users who have enabled the Run button.) Click the Start button, then "Run". Enter "cmd" (without the quotes) and press enter.
  2. Change directories to the installation directory.
    • On 32-bit systems:
      cd "%ProgramFiles%\Unvanquished"
    • On 64-bit systems:
      cd "%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Unvanquished"
  3. Run the game:
    daemon.exe options > "%HOMEDRIVE%%HOMEPATH%\error_log.txt" 2>&1

    where options is any startup options you'd like to use, such as "+set r_recompileShaders 1".

    This saves the error log to a file titled "error_log.txt" in your home folder.

Running the game with special options

You may need to start the game with certain command-line switches. This may be achieved a number of ways, depending on your operating system and preferred method of running the game.

Mac OS X

Open a Terminal (Applications → Utilities → Terminal) and enter the following at the prompt:

$ open /Applications/ --args options

where options are whatever you'd like to pass to the game, such as +set cl_renderer GL.


If you do not have a shortcut to the application, create one:

  1. Navigate to where you have Unvanquished stored.
  2. Right click Daemon.exe and select either "Create shortcut" or "Send to" → "Desktop (create shortcut)"

Note that as of Alpha 6, a shortcut is automatically created on your desktop for you.

Edit the game shortcut:

  1. Right click the shortcut to the game, and select "Properties."
  2. In the Properties dialog, append the special options to the "Target" field. Make sure to separate the options from the preceding text with a space. Setting console variables this way requires prefixing the options with +set, also separated by a space. For example, a user might require changing the Target field to read:
    "C:\Program Files\Unvanquished\Daemon.exe" +set r_ext_multisample 0

Advanced options

Command-line options

To set cvars when invoking the game executable, prefix them with +set. For example:

$ ./daemon +set r_fullscreen 1 +set r_mode -1 +set r_customWidth 1280 +set r_customHeight 1024

Each cvar requires its own +set.

To disable curses, use +nocurses.


Name Type Default value Description
s_volume Float Sets the volume level for sound effects and the like on a scale from 0 to 1.
s_musicvolume Float Sets the volume level for menu music on a scale from 0 to 1.


Set the resolution to one of a number of predefined modes with r_mode.

To use a custom resolution, set r_mode to -1, and set r_customWidth and r_customHeight appropriately.

Setting r_mode to -2 causes the window size to be set to the screen size. However, if you have a multi-monitor setup then, depending upon the desktop environment configuration, this may span all monitors.

To make the change in resolution go into effect, use the vid_restart command. Predefined resolutions are as follows:

Mode Resolution Aspect ratio
0 320x240 4:3
1 400x300 4:3
2 512x384 4:3
3 640x480 4:3
4 800x600 4:3
5 960x720 4:3
6 1024x768 4:3
7 1152x864 4:3
8 1280x720 16:9
9 1280x768 15:9 (5:3)
10 1280x800 16:10
11 1280x1024 5:4
12 1360x768 16:10 < 85:48 < 16:9
13 1440x900 16:10
14 1680x1050 16:10
15 1600x1200 4:3
16 1920x1080 16:9
17 1920x1200 16:10
18 2048x1536 4:3
19 2560x1600 16:10

To enter fullscreen mode, set r_fullscreen to 1. The shortcut Alt+Enter also does this.


Name Type Default value Description
cg_disableBuildDialogs Boolean 0 Disables dialogs associated with building (e.g., those displayed when a buildable cannot be constructed).
cg_disableWarningDialogs Integer 0 If set to 1, prints warning dialogs to the console and chat area. If set to 2, entirely disables warning dialogs.
Team Overlay
cg_drawTeamOverlay Integer 1
cg_teamOverlayMaxPlayers Integer 8
cg_teamOverlaySortMode 1
HUD Elements
cg_draw2D Boolean 1 Enables/disables drawing all non-game 2D elements.
cg_drawClock Integer 0 When set to 1, draws a 12-hour AM/PM clock. When set to 2, draws a 24-hour (Military or European style) clock.
cg_drawGun Integer 1 When set to 1, draws first person weapon models. When set to 2, draws alien choppers (first-person claws/mandibles) as well.
cg_lagometer Boolean 0 Shows a netgraph with your current ping (latency in milliseconds) overlaid.
cg_drawSpeed Boolean 0 When enabled, shows your current velocity as axially aligned components in the horizontal plane.


Name Type Default value Description
r_hdrRendering Boolean 0 Enables HDR rendering. Set to 1 to enable, then do glsl_restart.
com_maxfps Integer Sets the framerate cap. You may want to set this to a low value on older hardware.
com_maxfpsMinimized Integer Sets the framerate cap for when the game has lost focus. This is useful if you don't want the game slowing down your computer when you minimize it.
com_maxfpsUnfocused Integer Sets the framerate cap for when the game has lost focus. This is useful if you don't want the game slowing down your computer when you alt-tab out of it.


Name Type Default value Description
con_animationSpeed Integer 3 Sets the speed of the console opening/closing animation (if enabled with con_animationType.) Higher values are faster.
con_animationType Integer 2 Sets the style of animation (if any) used when opening and closing the console:
  • 0 disables the animation
  • 1 enables a traditional scrolling animation
  • 2 enables a fade in/out animation

Using the In-Game IRC Client

  • irc_connect — Joins the server indicated by cl_IRC_
  • irc_quit — If connected to an IRC server, closes the connection.
  • irc_say — If connected to an IRC server and in a channel, says something on that IRC channel.


Cvar Type Default value Description
cl_IRC_channel The name of the channel to connect to.


Provided that the server administrator has allowed it, you and any other players on the server can call a vote to change the game being played.

Name Description Admin Immunity? Reason Needed? Vote Required Extra Conditions
kick Kicks a player from the server Yes Yes g_kickVotesPercent None
spectate Yes Yes g_kickVotesPercent None
mute Mutes a player Yes Yes g_denyVotesPercent None
unmute Unmutes a player No No g_denyVotesPercent None
denybuild Denies a player the right to build Yes Yes g_denyVotesPercent Not during Sudden Death
allowbuild Grants a player the right to build No No g_denyVotesPercent Not during Sudden Death
sudden_death Begins sudden death No No g_suddenDeathVotePercent Not during Sudden Death
extend Extends the game No No g_extendVotesPercent When there are g_extendVotesTime/2 minutes remaining before Sudden Death
admitdefeat Causes your team to admit defeat, ending the game No No g_admitDefeatVotesPercent None
draw Ends the match in a draw Yes If g_drawVoteReasonRequired is set g_drawVotesPercent After g_drawVotesAfter minutes have elapsed
map_restart Restarts the current map No No g_mapVotesPercent None
map Switches to a different map No No g_mapVotesPercent Before g_mapVotesBefore minutes have elapsed
layout No No g_mapVotesPercent Before g_mapVotesBefore minutes have elapsed
nextmap Switches to the next map No No g_nextMapVotesPercent None
poll General poll No Yes g_pollVotesPercent No automatic voting
kickbots Removes bots from the game [new in Alpha 14] No No g_kickVotesPercent If g_botKickVotesAllowedThisMap is set
spectatebots Removes all bots from their teams and makes them spectators [deprecated] No No g_kickVotesPercent If g_botKickVotesAllowedThisMap cvar is set


Please see the creating custom keybinds page for information on changing the game's controls.

All Operating Systems

Shortcut Description
Alt-Enter Toggles fullscreen mode.

Mac OS X

Shortcut Description
Command-F Toggles fullscreen.
Command-Q Quits the application.
Command-Tab Minimizes the application.


Please see the full article.

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