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Some things

Hi there! I'm velociostrich, the one who used to do most of the wiki editing. I also used to be the art lead for a period of time, and did some other things. Anyway, I'm glad to see that someone is taking care of the wiki now, although I have a few suggestions:

  • Use em dashes (—) in sentences instead of '--'; for example, like—this.
  • Try very hard to avoid putting your name on any page. Don't use "I" or anything like that, either. I've noticed on other wikis that this tends to associate an individuals' identity with a given page, and seems to either slow or completely stall contribution by others. (You'll notice that I haven't put my name anywhere as far as I remember. The compiling page has been a shining example of contributions from a ton of people, probably partially thanks to this.)
  • Please keep a separation between dull reference and guidance pages. I see you've started to work on rewriting the mapping page, and that's fine, but I think it would be better to leave one page as the big, ugly, exhaustive "here's everything to know about everything" page, and another page that's a "want to make a map? new to this stuff? here's what to do" type of a thing. (The writing style can vary between the two).
  • Take advantage of subpages; we've enabled that in the wiki, and it makes organization a lot easier. So you could have like a main "Tutorials" page, with subpages like this:
    Tutorials/Mapping/Your First Map
    Tutorials/Mapping/Your First Map/Step 1: Make a box

    This also keeps the list of pages less of a mess and makes page titles look neater. For pages that you're working on yourself, name them like "User:Veyrdite/Main_Page" (without any modification to the actual page title). This is pretty much standard operating procedure on some wikis like the Blender wiki, and for good reason (it just makes sense).

Also, I saw that you changed the main page to not use the CurrentVersion template. Now that you're an admin, you should be able to edit it. Please do that from now on, as that template affects many other pages as well (the pages that document getting the source code and downloading files manually use that template, for example, and it is important that it stays up to date for users who don't have the savvy to realize that the commands are wrong).

One last thing, I saw you removed my name from the Developers page. That's fine because I'm not active anymore (and do not plan on being active again for the foreseeable future), but I think myself and other past developers would appreciate if there were a "Past Developers" table, just as something to point to to say, "hey, I worked on that, see?" (There is something like that on the main Unvanquished credits page, but keeping something separate on the wiki would be easier and would allow past contributors who may have been missed but don't feel like talking to someone to add their names in there).

One more last thing, I changed the protection level of the main page back. You can still edit it, I just think it should stay protected. (Especially in the event that we somehow get hit hard by spam again, which we have been in the past).

Velociostrich (talk) 09:19, 1 December 2013 (CST)