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Map layouts store alternate starting positions of buildables.

If your want create layouts in the game, you can easily follow this page : Map_Layouts

Saving layouts

Layouts are saved with the layoutsave command:

/layoutSave filename

Layout files are written to layouts/mapname/filename.dat.

Layout files are plain-text and have one line per buildable. The syntax is as follows:

name pos angles origin2 angles2
  • name may be one of eggpod, overmind, barricade, acid_tube, trapper, booster, hive, telenode, mgturret, rocketpod, arm, medistat, or reactor.
  • pos, angles, origin2, and angles2 are all space-delimited triples of position or angle data, and the meaning of each is dependent on the particular buildable with the exception of pos, which is the world position of the buildable.

Choosing a layout file

🚧️ TODO: Find out about g_layoutAuto.

Layouts may be specified in map rotation files.

🚧️ TODO: Explain how to do this. See G_ParseMapCommandSection() in gamelogic/game/g_maprotation.c:201.

The current selection of layouts is indicated by g_layouts.

🚧️ TODO: Describe behavior for switching between layouts; seems like G_LayoutSelect does it at random.
  • /changemap map [layout] Changes the map to map and sets the current layouts to layout. Note that with this command, only one layout may be specified.
  • /callvote layout [layout] Calls a vote to restart the game with the layout layout.

A list of layouts available for the current map may be seen with /listlayouts.