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This template contains information about the latest release of Unvanquished. Edit this template instead of the main page and other pages to update this information.


The template accepts a single parameter which controls what information is displayed.

Value Result Description
BlogPost http://www.unvanquished.net/news/116-alpha-24-download-at-your-peril A link to the blog post announcing the release.
Date February 2nd 2014 The date that the release was made.
Image File:Release_v0.24.png Current release image icon, normally using a new map's background. Appearance should be unique for each release, especially minor updates, to aid visual identification.
NextDate March 2nd 2014 Expected date of next version's release
FullName Alpha 37 The name as it would appear in spoken English.
MD5HashFile md5sums0.37 The name of the file containing the latest MD5 checksums.
Number 37 The number release we're on. This is counting from one and does not reset. E.g., to say that this is the n–th release.
PakFiles (PLACEHOLDER: new filesystem) All of the pk3 files required by this release, written as a Bash expression.
Tag v0.37.0 The name of the git tag for the current release.
Type Alpha The stage of release.
Version v0.37.0 The version number of the release.
VMPk3 vms-0.37.0.pk3 The name of the current virtual machine pk3.