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Page out of date
Some of this content is out of date.

Weapon icons

Weapon icons are controlled by the icon entry in the weapon's configuration file.

libRocket GUI

A move to use libRocket has been planned with support underway. This middleware will allow creating the user interface using HTML and CSS. If you are interested in assisting with the transition, please contact a member of the team to find out how to help.

libRocket Integration Progress


  • Get libRocket to play nicely with q3 shaders [woo, done]
  • Clean up the generic RocketElement class used to draw all the ownerdraws [75%]
  • Remove ui_shared.c cgame dependence [50%]
  • Analyze potential of adding future animations [waaaaaaaaaay in the future, if at all] DukeNukem3D Megaton

Data Sources (aka feeders)

Name Description Status
Resolutions list of resolutions Implemented
VoIP Input Input devices for OpenAL Implemented
AL Output Output devices for OpenAL Implemented
HUDS List of HUDs to choose from Not Implemented
Languages List of languages Implemented
Mods List of mods Implemented
Demos List of demos Implemented
Maps List of maps Implemented
Players on team List of players on each team Implemented
Players List of players. This and above can probably be combined. Combined with the above
Server status Detailed information on a server // Probably can implement without a feeder. Implemented
Find player Results for a multiserver player search. Not Implemented
Team list List of available teams Implemented
Classes List of classes per team Implemented
Items List of available items per team Implemented
Armory items List of items. Can probably be merged with above. Implemented
Alien evo classes List of classes that can be evo'd to. Implemented
Buildable menu List of buildables that can be built Implemented
Ignore List of players/patterns player has ignored Not Implemented
Help List of help topics Not Implementing.

Missing Elements

  • Chat field - Field for chat.
  • Selectable datagrid - Selectable table, essentially. Warsow has this. Can probably port. [done]
  • Model view - Display a model. Low priority imo. Won't do unless there is demand.
  • Key select - Detect which key is pressed. For binds. [done]