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A natural continuation of the dretch, at least in mechanical terms. It trades speed for increased survivability, and gains a grabbing ability that allows it to hold humans in place for easier consumption. The basilisk also emits a healing aura, allowing it to be useful in groups as well. Like the dretch, they too have silent footsteps. At stage 2, the advanced basilisk becomes available. It gains improved health and a better healing aura, as well as a gas attack that disorients and slows down humans, even those in armor.

General Strategy

  • Do try to grab humans from behind, especially if he is alone. You'll be able to kill them while they won't be able to hurt you.
  • Do use wall-walk when you are forced to close a distance between you and a human to sustain minimal damage.
  • Don't expect to charge in like the higher alien classes and expect to kill anything. The basilisk is meant to be used much like the dretch, and while it does have increased health it is also much easier to hit. Half of a rifle clip is sufficient to kill either basilisk form.
  • Do keep an eye out for injured teammates, as you're likely going to be used as a temporary booster. If your teammates are all rushing, lurk in a safe place near human base and wait for either chasing humans or hurt aliens. If humans are camping, stay outside their base to heal returning teammates.
  • Don't grab while in line of sight to the grabbed human's weapon. If you happen to, hold shift key and circle around to a angle which they can not shoot you.
  • Do single out humans that are particularly vulnerable, unless you have prefected the Basilisk if is recommend you do not try to attack more than two humans at a time, also note that you will have a hard time sneaking up on a human wearing a helmet.
  • Do use hit and run tactics. If you can't hold onto a human long enough and they start firing at you or their friends come in, run away to heal at your accelerated healing rate. The basilisk won't live long enough to sustain fire.