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Hydraulics? What's hydraulics?
Battlesuit model.png
Cost 400
Unlock 5
% of base damage
Head 40%
Torso 20%
Legs 15%

The heaviest human armor, and the only one that gives a lone human a chance against a Tyrant.

Prevents the user from wearing backpacks or crouching. Reduces Chaingun spread.


After the emergence of tyrants, the loss of 75 planets and 70% of the army within a single month, have made the human command to seriously think about developing a new type of armour. Sadly, although Google, Microsoft and Apple have all shown an interest in taking on this project, the higher-ups have instead given this job to the "open" source community, just because it's cool and stuff.

Apple: There's not even a hint of hydraulics in your blueprints. Come on, seriously? Do you want the solidiers to collapse in exhaustion after like a minute of running?
Developers: It's for the betterment of the human species. The modern civilization has all but eliminated the natural selection, and if nothing is done, we won't be able to stand up under our own power anymore!

Microsoft: We know that all these bumps on the back of the suit look cool, but they'll make it impossible to use backpacks.
Developers: Yes. We know it and no we won't change it because it just looks too cool!

Apple: Firstly, our whole army is made up of CLONES who CAN'T reproduce, secondly, if we lose the war, everybody is going to die, including you!
Developers: So what?

Google: We'll give you all the money we have! Please listen! We don't want to die! *Sob*
Developers: Not interested.