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The last resort.
Unlock Always at hand
Damage 10 (17 per second)
Delay Between Shots 0.6 seconds
Projectile Speed Slow

This is the one gun that everyone starts with, and will always have, regardless of whether you're building or shooting. It has pitiful firepower, but exchanges this for the ability to fire forever. Definitely not recommended for firefights, unless you're desperate or really want to humiliate someone.


  • This is a weapon of the last resort. Don't use it if you still have some ammo in your primary weapon.
  • Use this for duelling friend grangers. It's not fair any other way.


A common sight among all members of the human military, from combat engineers to high-ranking officers, the single-shot blaster pistol is typically drawn from its holster in only in the most dire of circumstances. When power fails and the more potent weapons run out of ammunition, the blaster is always present for one last heroic charge or final stand. While the survival rate against multiple opponents is abysmally low, the possibility of taking out at least one injured alien with a few well-aimed shots is more than enough to justify continued production of the dirt-cheap weapon.

Each blaster draws power from multiple sources, ensuring that it can operate in a variety of environments. To recharge its internal battery, the pistol can absorb faint emissions of energy from a distant reactor, solar power from sunlight, and even thermal energy from open flame. Between shots, the battery charges a multitude of capacitors along the barrel of the gun, which release a short burst of energy after the trigger is pulled. Although each shot is potent in comparison to bullets, the recharging takes far too long to be useful in combat, and the energy burst travels too slowly to be accurate against quickly moving targets at anything more than point blank range. Even so, it is still considered better than nothing.