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Callouts in Unvanquished are crucial. These were made by us for personal use and skill improvement.

What is a Call Out?

According to the Oxford Dictionary "a statement drawing critical attention to someone's unacceptable actions or behaviour."

A Call Out is a way to drag attention to a location ex: Humans are pushing Ventilation. here we can see the noun is "Humans" the verb is "Pushing" meaning that they are trying to take control of the region and the Call Out is "Ventilation" this system helps communication in the game grow and also enables the player to simplify the names of Places that are tightly woven. for example "Ventilation" is the room "Ventilation" and "Ventilation shaft" combined because we know that if a human is pushing into Ventilation they have to be inside the shaft to enter.

Callouts are great with clans -

  1. Antares

Storage - Alien Spawn base

Storage East - Rightside of Storage (Ventilation) (This term is mainly used to tell that people are coming in through that enterance rather than stating people are in ventilation and you are holding them back -

Ventilation [Can be called shaft] (Usage: Humans Pushing Ventilation)


Processing can be split into three parts.

Processing-Vent or Processing-V (The Part of Processing that is closest to the Ventilation area)

Processing (Middle Region of Processing)

Processing-C or Processing-Corridor (More on this later).

This is a Diagram of what I've said

Processing-C is the Processing Corridor. which links into the Human Base.

Human Base will just be called Human Base instead of the room name. There fore Level Access will mean the Room across Processing-C which is close to Main Corridor.