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Like most quake-derived games, Unvanquished has a drop-down console. Many game features can only be used via the console, as a GUI does not exist for them.

Basic Usage

Start Unvanquished and open up the console using the ~ (tilde) key on your keyboard. On US layouts this is below the escape key.

Tilde key.svg

The console will look like this:

Unvanq console.png

You can type commands into here and the game will follow them. All commands are preceded by a backslash:

/map niveus
/kick Veyrdite
/ban Kharnov
/bot add Bacon humans

Tab completion

If you type the first few letters of a command or a asset name, then hit TAB the game will do its best to auto-complete your word for you. This can also be used for auto-completing map names.


/map niv<TAB>

...would become:

/map niveus

...would become:


If the game cannot work out you want because multiple matches exist, then it will list all available options for you.

Key Shortcuts

The in-game console supports many common Unix shortcuts as well as standard ones:

Shortcut Description
PageUp and PageDown, or Shift+ScrollWheel Scroll up and down in the console history
Ctrl-A Move the cursor to the start of the line
Ctrl-C or Ctrl-U Clears the current line
Ctrl-D Deletes the character in front of the cursor (equivalent to Delete)
Ctrl-E Move the cursor to the end of the line
Ctrl-K Clears to the end of the line
Ctrl-H Deletes the character behind the cursor (equivalent to Backspace)
Ctrl-L Clears the screen
Ctrl-N Move forward through console history
Ctrl-P Move backward through console history
Ctrl-T Swaps the characters either side of the cursor, then moves the cursor one character forward
Ctrl-V Pastes whatever text is on the clipboard
Ctrl-Home Scrolls to the top of the console
Ctrl-End Scrolls to the bottom of the console
Shift-Insert Pastes whatever text is in the X selection buffer

Variable Expansion==

Any console variable can be used as an argument to a command by wrapping said variable between two dollar signs ($).

For example, if you were currently spectating and were to type the following at the console:

-> say I'm on the $p_teamname$ team!

everyone on the server would see you say "I'm on the spectator team!".