Defense Computer

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These buildings auto-repair all structures in the area around them. The rate of repair is very slight, at 4 per second, but this can be extremely useful if your dedicated builder is having trouble repairing multiple structures. Another useful feature is that the repair rate stacks from multiple defense computers.

It have the same radius of the reactor (1000qu) and is also able to enhance RC defenses.

General Strategy

  • Do place them in corners of your base, alcoves, or anywhere they can't be seen. They do not require line of sight to repair structures, and they'll be better defended this way.
  • Don't spread them too far out, as they have a limited auto-repair range and won't reach distant structures or forward bases. Conversely, don't put them too close, or they'll be prime zapping bait.
  • Don't build more than two. Remember that for every defense computer built, you could have made a turret, or two forward bases.


It can be useful too if there are bots on the map, and if buildings are not reachable, because they will avoid bots being in infinite loop of changing their weapon with a construction kit.