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Beware its pounce.
Dragoon concept.png
Cost 6 morph points
Health 200
Unlock 1
Cost (Advanced) 8 morph points
Health (Advanced) 250
Unlock (Advanced) 3
Primary Attack
Type Bite
Damage 80
Repeat Time 0.75 seconds
Repeat Time (Advanced) 0.7 seconds
Secondary Attack
Type Pounce
Damage 70
Tertiary Attack (Advanced)
Type Spit
Damage 110
Splash Radius Medium

By far the most commonly seen assault form, the versatile dragoon is capable of taking out armored humans while still being mobile enough to leap over obstacles and human defenses. The advanced form provides increased health and a barb attack. Advanced dragoons carry three barbs that slowly regenerate over time and fire out in a long arc. These barbs cause splash damage, which may prove problematic in melee.


  • You can pounce without a pause by starting to charge your pounce in mid air, right after your previous pounce.
  • Be careful where you shoot your barbs. It's very easy to wound or kill your team mates with them.


Prior to its assimilation by the alien hivemind, the dragoon was a carnivorous predator inhabiting a high-gravity, mountainous planet. With its powerful legs, it is capable of leaping from peak to peak, crushing its prey with its enormous bulk and finishing the job with a powerful bite. The dragoon’s head is protected from concussions by the large head plate extending from its skull, absorbing most of the shock from each blow.

On its induction to the alien swarm, the dragoon received relatively few genetic modifications, having already proven itself a powerful beast. To operate in the lower gravity of most human habitats, the dragoon was granted a reinforced head plate to take in the greater shocks that its strengthened pouncing produces. In addition, an advanced form of the dragoon was produced, with even greater leaping abilities, and a new capability to launch explosive, spiny projectiles from its mouth. Up to three are carried at a time by the dragoon, and are slowly regenerated.

Due to its violent, forceful nature, the dragoon often heads the primary assault of alien invasions, leaping into the enemy base to tear apart valuable equipment and defending humans so that lesser forms can sweep in and finish the job. It is also a formidable opponent on its own, rapidly closing the gap between it and a distant human with one or two rapid jumps. Few are capable of taking down the vicious dragoon on their own, and approaching one without suitable protection is akin to suicide.