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Special, organised games are held weekly where you will find many more players online, including many of the developers.

What time zone am I in?

This will depend on your location in the world. Consult a site like if you don't know your GMT offset. Note that GMT = UTC.

Weekly Public Development Games

Held at 20:00 (8:00 PM) UTC/GMT every Sunday on the Dev Server.

Sunday 8:00 pm GMT in different time zones:
GMT-12 Sunday 8:00 am
GMT-11 Sunday 9:00 am
GMT-10 Sunday 10:00 am
GMT-9 Sunday 11:00 am
GMT-8 Sunday 12:00 pm
GMT-7 Sunday 1:00 pm
GMT-6 Sunday 2:00 pm
GMT-5 Sunday 3:00 pm
GMT-4 Sunday 4:00 pm
GMT-3 Sunday 5:00 pm
GMT-2 Sunday 6:00 pm
GMT-1 Sunday 7:00 pm
GMT+1 Sunday 9:00 pm
GMT+2 Sunday 10:00 pm
GMT+3 Sunday 11:00 pm
GMT+4 Monday 12:00 am
GMT+5 Monday 1:00 am
GMT+6 Monday 2:00 am
GMT+7 Monday 3:00 am
GMT+8 Monday 4:00 am
GMT+9 Monday 5:00 am
GMT+10 Monday 6:00 am
GMT+11 Monday 7:00 am
GMT+12 Monday 8:00 am