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Granger whole.png
Cost Free
Unlock (Advanced) 3
Health 50
Health (Advanced) 75
Abilities (Advanced) Wall-walking
Primary Attack
Type Build
Secondary Attack
Type Bite / Cancel building
Damage 20
Repeat Delay 1 second
Tertiary Attack (Advanced)
Type Spit
Damage None (extinguishes fires)
Repeat Delay 1 second

The granger is the alien team’s builder class.


  • Think before your build. A well thought out base will last much longer than a hastily built one.
  • Move your structures to walls and ceiling when Advanced Granger becomes available to protect them from grenade and pain saw users.
  • Leave some space between your structures if possible. Tightly packed groups of them burn up easily if ignited.
  • If your structures are on fire, spit on them to extinguish the fire.
  • Avoid fighting at all costs; if your base comes under siege you should hide and rebuild during a break to avoid feeding.