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The Unvanquished CDN is a network of servers providing seeds for the Unvanquished torrent. The Unvanquished launcher relies on BitTorrent to download the game.

BitTorrent is a communication protocol for peer-to-peer file sharing (P2P), which enables us to distribute updates over the Internet in a decentralized manner.


Latest torrent url (zip content):

Direct torrent url and mirrors:


Unvanquished relies on FOSS Torrents as primary BitTorrent tracker and a bunch of other trackers as a fallback.

Here is our page on FOSS Torrents website:

After 0.53.2, is it expected those maintained lists of trackers will be used when creating new torrents:

Those lists are meant to be updated and to only contain working trackers.


It is possible to contribute to the CDN in two ways:

  • by downloading the files and seed them with a BitTorrent software,
  • by providing web seeds.

BitTorrent seeds

Any user can contribute this way without having to get in touch with us.

One can simply download the bitTorrent file, add it to a BitTorrent software and make sure the torrent gets configured to not get paused once completed. A good idea is to enable the Super Seeding option for the torrent if the software provides it.

See Torrent RSS below for details for a way to automatically fetch and seed the files when we distribute a new release.

Web seeds

Those are web servers used as BitTorrent seeds, they provides reliable seeding, especially when no one downloaded the game over BitTorrent yet. Bittorrent clients including the Unvanquished launcher download game files from there in addition to BitTorrent seeds.

Here are the current Unvanquished web seed servers, with location and owner:

If you own a web server and want to add it to the list of web seeds, tell us on forums, as this will need some configuration from us to add your server to the seeds.

Torrent RSS

We provide an RSS feed for the latest torrent file:

This feed always provide the link for the latest torrent for the latest game version. Some BitTorrent software has features to automatically download and seed new torrents listed in such feed.

See Tutorials/RSS BitTorrent seeding for instructions to configure some BitTorrent software with RSS automatic download and seeding.