Las Gun

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Las Gun
Sanest of them all.
Cost 250 credits
Unlock -
Ammo 200
Energy Weapon Yes
Damage 9
Damage Per Second 45
Damage Per Magazine 1800
Fire Rate 5 per second

The first energy weapon available. It functions much like a vastly improved rifle, at the cost of a decline in the rate of fire.


  • Use this against alien bases. It's great! Park yourself in a corner where you aren't being acid tubed, and fire away at eggs while your teammates shoot at other things.
  • Don't be afraid to duel with it, as long as you're good at keeping range. You don't need to make up for accuracy with this weapon, so it works fine at any range. Keep circling and firing until they're dead.
  • Use this in groups, much like the rifle. It'll make up for your lower firing rate, and the constant shooting will scare most aliens off.


Fulfilling a similar role to the more common rifle, the lasgun possesses several advantages of its own. Unlike its bullet-churning cousin, the weapon possesses a single large power cell, eliminating the need to reload and allowing its user to keep a constant rate of fire for as long as the cell is charged and the trigger is held. Each “shot” is a pinpoint accurate, coherent burst of high frequency electromagnetic radiation, invisible to human eyes but readily felt as a sudden shock of intense heat that burns flesh with ease. The amplifier must be cooled down between shots, and while this is accomplished in a fraction of a second, there is still an easily noticed delay in comparison to the rifle.

Although superior to the rifle in most regards, the lasgun’s components are far more expensive to manufacture, and thus it is typically entrusted to soldiers that show some degree of marksmanship and survivability above that of a new recruit. Although eclipsed by the other energy weapons in terms of damage output, it is highly regarded as the most efficient weapon in the human arsenal.

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