Librocket Bugs

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  • r_gamma does not affect UI
  • borders are shady. Sometimes they simply don't appear
  • objects 'jiggle' around when their class (eg :hover activated) changes, even though their size should not change.
  • causes wincing pain


  • sound loops from the last game keep playing in the loadscreen


  • rocketDebug does not work for HUD
  • ui_restart causes crashes

<select> Drop-down menus:

  • large lists can go off-screen
  • misinterpret mouse coords (sometimes) and highlight/select the wrong entry

Game start:

  • Errors in RML/CSS cause silent failures -> crash (sometimes)

Match start:

  • various HUD files are 'flashed' for a frame [fixed]

Match load:

  • mouse cursor visible and locked to top-left corner