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It is highly recommended you play online against bots, even if no one else is around, so that other players can turn up and join you. Sometimes this is not an option:

  • Bad internet connection
  • Wanting to try out things in an environment with absolute control (cheats)
  • Wanting to play a game over LAN with friends.

If you want to play a game offline you can start and join your own server. Select "Create Server" at the bottom of the game listings screen, accessed from the main menu.


Even though bots are completely implemented in the game, there is no GUI to set them up. You need to enter commands at the console once in a game, accessible by pressing the Tilde key (~) on your keyboard.

Type in \bot and hit enter to get started. The documentation for the command will open.

\bot add Bacon humans
\bot add Steak humans
\bot add Cabbage aliens
\bot add Garlic aliens