Lucifer Cannon

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Lucifer Cannon
No safety whatsoever. Your typical "open" source.
Lucifer Cannon.png
Cost 600 credits
Unlock 5
Ammo 100
Energy Weapon Yes
Primary Attack
Ammo Cost Up to 10
Damage Up to 265
Damage Per Second Up to 75
Charge Time 3 seconds
Repeat Delay 0.5 seconds
Projectile Speed Slow
Splash Radius Large
Secondary Attack
Ammo Cost 1
Damage 30
Charge Time 1 second
Projectile Speed Slow
Splash Radius Small

The Lucifer cannon, known affectionately as the Luci, is the most powerful weapon in the human arsenal. It is capable of killing any alien or alien structure in a single shot, except for the Tyrant and the Overmind. Be aware that if charged for too long, the plasma blast will leave the barrel spontaneously and explode right in front of it, damaging the user. Fortunately, the weapon gives off a loud warning signal just before that's about to happen.


  • Lead your shots, as the plasma blasts travel quite slowly. Unless they are walking straight towards you, shoot where you think they will be next.
  • Think before you shoot. The last thing you want to do is to kill a team mate instead of the enemy.
  • Don't use it to defend your base, especially against fast aliens. The missed shots and the splash damage will severely damage your own structures.
  • Use it against alien bases. It can destroy any alien structure in one shot except for the Overmind.
  • Use it to keep dretches and other lower level aliens at a manageable distance.


Developed by satanic scientists, the Lucifer Cannon was once known as Lucifer's hand. Nobody could resist her power, thus causing a quarrel among the scientists. As soon as they vanished and nobody could perfect her, an arms dealer laid their hands on her blueprint. Step by step they tried to recreate the power of hers, in order to dominate the world. Nobody was able to manufacture a weapon as beautiful and deadly, so they began selling her to the military. Now being issued to the soldiers that have earned her power, she is capable of destroying bases within a matter of seconds. Nobody dares to stand in her path, but many choose to abuse her power and either overcharge or use her abilities too often, usually causing death of enemy and friend alike.