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To help new coders get acquainted with our code we have some mentored coding projects. A mentored project should be:

  • interesting like a new feature or some visible change
  • approchable, not requiring knowledge of arcane part of the code or crazy templating skills (not everybody is Amanieu)
  • mentored by a more experienced developer with a precise knowledge of that area of the code and an idea of the design of the project

See the list of mentored projects!

Creating mentored projects

Add the task on github with the D-mentored tag. At the bottom you can put a block like the following:

* Mentor: Kangz (gimhael, Fuma?)
* Knowledge: Renderer, OpenGL, C++ hacks to make the API fluid
* Difficulty: 5 (without visualization) 8 (with visualization)

Difficulty scale of projects

The difficulty field of the issue for the project should map approximately on the following scale:

  • 1: limited project that doesn't require knowledge of code and stays in a single module
    • Nicify prints
    • Small tweaks (such as adding interpolation in the gamelogic)
    • Adding a cvar for a currently constant parameter
  • 4: self-contained project that may require easy interaction with other modules and some knowledge of the code
    • Rewriting sound codecs
    • Adding the first implementation of the minimap
    • New hud element
  • 7: large project because of the amount/complexity of the code to produce, modules impacted, architectural implications
    • adding IQM
    • Implementing a new alien / weapon / building
    • Rewriting the command system
  • 10: big changes, often architectural. Seriously, before doing one of these talk with the rest of the team first
    • making the VMs run in NaCl
    • librocket
    • Bullet