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Apple AirPort

The term "Repeater" is actually a misnomer, as in actuality this structure is a miniaturized version of the Rector. While it can not deliver its power into every corner of the map, something which its bigger sibling is capable of doing, it will still continue to operate and provide the much needed electricity to the nearby structures even when the main reactor is being moved or destroyed, occasionally giving humans a chance to recover from near defeat.


  • Be mindful of where you build it. The repeater blows up with a devastating force when destroyed, gravely damaging or outright destroying the structures around it. Furthermore, a single exploding repeater delivers enough damage to destroy another completely undamaged repeater, creating a chain reaction that can decimate an entire forward base in seconds.
  • You might want to build some repeaters when preparing to move your reactor. They will allow your defenses to keep functioning while the new reactor is being built. You can deconstruct them afterwards.
  • You can recharge your energy weapons at it.