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An old friend.
Cost Free
Unlock -
Magazine Size 30
Extra Magazines 6
Reload Time 2 seconds
Energy Weapon No
Damage 5
Damage Per Second 62.5
Damage Per Magazine 150
Fire Rate 12.5 shots per second

The standard-issue human weapon.


  • Get to learn the weapon very well. If you do, you'll get credits faster to use the more powerful weapons. It's also likely the only gun you'll have if your team is without an Armory.
  • Don't use this against anything better than a regular Dragoon without support, and even then, be careful. Unless you have magic aim, the majority of your shots probably won't hit. A single rifle is especially powerless against a Tyrant.
  • Use this weapon in teams. A coordinated group of humans equipped with only rifles can take down even the strongest of alien opponents.


Having undergone relatively few design changes over the last century, the SMG is exceedingly cheap to manufacture, and is thus the weapon entrusted to the newest of recruits. With few moving parts and simplistic circuitry, they are easy to maintain and are unlikely to jam when needed most, making them reliable and a favorite of those that come to depend on its stability during combat. Just as historic rifles propelled a round down a rifled barrel, these weapons operate off the same principle, although with a rapid, magnetically-assisted feed system that allows for an incredible rate of fire while the trigger is held.

By far the most common weapon in the human military, it is highly effective against the smaller forms of aliens, with the ability to dispatch most of them in a few seconds of well-aimed fire. As the weapon is configured to fire in bursts over a short distance, it is considerably less useful at ranges, where the highly accurate energy weapons are more appropriate.