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This page is a bunch of notes taken while reading the code, and is prone to errors.

As of commit 'd5d96c2e8ead4d6bc01de9221f57dc63643424c7' (between 0.51 and 0.52), bots can have various skill level between 0 and 9 (10 at least makes bot aim next to their real target).

dist, max_dance and min_dance are shortcuts for:

  • DistanceToGoalSquared( self )

Skill level affects:

  • aimShake = 10 - skill
  • aimSlowness = skill /10
  • behaviors:
    • aim prediction time (10 means lesser value, 0 means bigger value)
    • 5 or more: allowed to aim according to target's speed (only for lucifer cannon primary attack?)
    • for humans:
      • if not wearing a flamer nor a painsaw, skill above or equal to 3, bot distance to goal (not target, goal) < max_dance, and "(distance > min_dance or skill bellow 5)": backward moves
      • 5 or more: stop sprinting when it would prevent them to jump (stamina exhaustion)