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00:25, 24 May 2013 Minimap q3map2 texcoords.png (file) 22 KB Extract from a q3map2 minimap output, highlight the size_texcoords numbers 1
02:41, 22 May 2013 Minimap atcshd example.png (file) 28 KB The basic minimap created by q3map2 for atcshd 1
02:37, 22 May 2013 Minimap atcshd cutted.png (file) 487 KB AtcsHD opened in radiant with the bunker part missing and the hole in the geometry filled with a brush 1
02:16, 22 May 2013 Minimap customize options.png (file) 22 KB A screenshot of the Build->customize menu of netRadiant with the minimap build selected. 1