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This story is hidden in a map by Supertanker, originally published on August 1st, 2011. 🤫️

The Book of Grangenesis: Chapter 1 - Creation

In the beginning, Granger created the Egg of Life,
from which all grangers henceforth were born.
From the Egg was born seven grangers:
Hhhhhhh, Hrarara, Hiirghh, Haargha, Hrrrrrr, Hurrrrr...
...and Dave.

But Granger was not satisfied with the eternal Void in which she and her children existed;
nay, she found it cold and barren.
Granger considered, and with naught but thought, spat her seed at the Void.
Thus, the Stars were born of her eternal warmth.
Granger was satisfied.

But the Children of Granger began to demand more than the Void and the Stars.
And so the Children of Granger asked of their mother:
Give us each a small portion of the Egg for us to create that which is not Egg and that which is not Void and that which is not Star.
For each child, Granger sliced off a piece of the Egg of Life, thus granting them each their Egg.

Hhhhhhh took her Egg and, with it, created the planets to play on.
Hrarara took his Egg and, with it, created water to swim in.
Hiirghh took his Egg and, with it, created the trees and the plants to eat.
Haargha took her Egg and, with it, created the wind to cool her skin.
Hrrrrrr took her Egg and, with it, created animals to amuse her.
Hurrrr took her Egg and, with it, created fire to warm the nights.
But Dave did not know how to use his Egg, and with it, he accidentally created the Humans.

When the Humans saw Dave, they opened fire without hesitation, and Dave was slain.
Dave returned to the Egg and was reborn anew.

Granger scolded Dave for his inattention, for she knew that the Humans were dangerous to all that which is not Human.
Dave promised Granger that he had realized the errors of his ways,
Wise and compassionate, Granger gave her son the chance to undo the mistake he had caused,
and so gave Dave the ability to lead grangers into battle against the Humans.