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Usage of this template

  • Do add {{Rehost}} to externally linked content if you think it would be more useful to be hosted here.
  • Do NOT use this template on external content we already have an equivalent of here.

External sources are useful, but can't be improved upon and sometimes disappear down the dark hole of dead hosting. Moving page from external sites onto this wiki can be useful, especially if the content is no-longer updated externally.

Helping with marked links

Check the license of the target page

  • Make sure it's either compatible with this wiki's licensing OR
  • ... get permission. Shoot an email off to the website's maintainer (an email is normally found on an About page). Most of the time they will say yes.

If someone has tagged a link with {{Rehost}} but you discover this will not be possible (eg license, grumpy original authors) make sure you replace the tag with a comment, to ensure it's not put there again:

[https://yelloweyedgoats.com/kharnov/pictures_of_kharnov Gameplay Guide] <!-- NOREHOST: Emailed website owner, refused to let us use it.  Was an ass about it -->

Make a page on the wiki with the page's content.

  • Ensure to re-host all images here
  • If you don't want to make any changed to it, simply ensuring everything there is OK. Other wiki members will happily improve the content

Change the links on the wiki to point at the new page rather than the external one.

  • Search tool can be handy