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Cheat commands and cvars

  • To fly around the map, use the \noclip command.
    If you find that you are moving too slowly (or too fast), you may change the speed with cg_flySpeed.
  • To make yourself invincible, use the \god command.
  • To stop buildables from attacking, use the \notarget command.
  • To publicly test your maps, make a thread on forums to share your work-in-progress work and some server admins will probably host it ;-).
  • To lock the state of PVS, set r_lockpvs to 1. Be aware of the difference between this and r_novis: this disables any updates to the state of the PVS buffer but PVS is still in effect; this can make flying outside of a map difficult.
  • To disable PVS entirely, set r_novis to 1.
  • To disable PVS for entities, set sv_novis to 1.
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Developer Note

The reason that enabling/disabling PVS for entities is controlled with a separate cvar from the world is that the server is responsible for determining when to send information about entities to the client. The server considers two things:

  • if the entity is within radar range of the player, and
  • if the entity is potentially visible to the player.

The server will send the position of an entity if it meets one or both of these conditions.