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Demos are recorded segments of gameplay that may be replayed at a later time. The engine also supports rendering demos directly to a video file.

Demo commands:

  • Begin recording with /demo_record (optionally followed by a name for the demo).
  • Stop recording with /demo_record_stop, or by disconnecting.
  • Get a list of demo filenames with /dir demos.
  • Play back a demo with /demo demo_name.
  • Convert the currently playing demo to video form with /demo_video.
  • Stop recording to video with /demo_video_stop.
  • Configure all games to be recorded as demos with /cl_autorecord 1 Please verify!.
🚧️ TODO: Write about altering time scale and things like that.

Video editing

Once you've recorded a demo to video, you'll probably want to do some amount of editing to make it interesting.

There is a comprehensive table comparing different video editing software on Wikipedia.