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What it is

Reverberation is the effect of a sound lasting after it has been produced because of its the mutiples echos in the environment. It can give great audio clues as to what environment you are in: you would easily distinguish sounds in a regular room from sounds in a hangar from sounds in outdoor based on the reverberation. Wikipedia has some examples of reverberation.

Dæmon supports reverberation effects, which you can try using the /testReverb command (use tab completion to see the list of presets), it can be used in maps to give audio clues of the size of rooms and the material of their walls. However even if reverberation effects sound really cool, you should be subtle when using it: in real life you barely notice these effects unless you are in churches or hangars.

Mapping reverberation

Global reverberation

Once you have found a reverberation effect you like with /testReverb you can apply it on the whole map by setting the following keys on the worldspawn.

  • reverbEffect <presetname>: with <presetname> the name of the effect to apply globally
  • reverbIntensity <number>: with <number> between 0 and 2 the intensity of the effect. The default is 1.0 so you can lower the effect or

crank it up to your liking (but it should mainly be used to lower the effect).

Localised reverberation

You can also define reverberation effects per area by placing func_static entities and adding the following keys to it:

  • reverbEffect <presetname>: like for the worldspawn
  • reverbIntensity <number>: like for the worldspawn
  • reverbDistance <distance>: a distance in qunits representing the approximate size of the room in which to use the effect. Between such func_statics, effects will be blended, potentially with the global reverb effect.