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Page out of date
Some of this content is out of date.

  • onsubmit function to combinde all values except with ignore attribute, [COMPLETE] usage example
  • :before and :after Selector with content property for rss [UNLIKELY]
  • if tag [COMPLETE]
<if cvar="name" is con="bob">
display this only when cvar name = bob
<if cvar="name" not ccvar="anothercvar">
display this only when value of name and anothercvar ar not the same

other attributes could be bigger and smaller to comare numbers

  • reload menu and keep focus(scroll position)

Data Sources

🚧️ TODO: To be done.
  • map rotation with mapname and image
  • maplog with mapname, image, time, winning team/mapvote/defeat/timelimit


  • map rotation and maplog combined to one data source showing: last 3, current and next 3 maps