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Dev links and interesting information

Server side demos

[08|06:18:02] < Amanieu> kharnov/kangz: for server-side demos, have a look at
[08|06:18:20] < Amanieu> Someone took my server-side demo patch and ported it to openarena
[08|06:18:24] < Amanieu> fixed it up a bit too
[08|06:43:20] < Amanieu> you're probably going to need a few gamecode hooks
[08|06:43:55] < Amanieu> have a look at lakitu7-qvm-svdemo.patch
[08|06:43:58] < Amanieu> in tremfusion/misc
[08|06:48:08] < Amanieu> the openarena version probably won't work out of the box
[08|06:48:18] < Amanieu> I expect the scoreboard and stages to be broken
[08|06:48:28] < Amanieu> but otherwise everything else should work fine
[08|06:49:13] < Amanieu> oh and teamchat won't be recorded


Nice 3d menu by wolfire game

Interesting librocket plugins

Refactor / C++

The exceptional beauty of DOOM3's source code

doom3 coding conventions

a library that mimics the q3 FS

Better particles

Wolfire soft particles (no hard clipping)

GPU Gems 3: Efficient off-screen particles

Humus' particle trimming tool