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Discussion page, not official wiki rules

When you submit any content to this wiki, you must understand that:

Although you may wish/have copyright over your submitted work, please remember that:

  • Authorship is best discovered by looking at edit logs, which point to your username. If you want to attach your name to your work, do it there and only there, not inside of normal pages.
  • Other wiki members will mercilessly edit and redistribute your submitted content, as per the rules of the license above

By joining this wiki and/or being verified by other members in any way (including being given a status), please keep in mind that what you submit here is in your own hands. If admins detect violations of legal or moral obligations they will try and rectify these issues as best they can, but the blame lies on the perpetrator for not following either the rules of this wiki or their legal/moral obligations.

Failure to comply may lead to the administrators taking actions against perpetrators, including (but not limited to) bans and edit reverts.