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The Daemon engine has added support for voice says (also known as "vsays"), which are short, pre-recorded audio messages used to communicate with one's team.

Abbreviation Human Message Alien Message
attacking I'm attacking.
attack Attack!
backup I need backup!
baserepairs Base needs repairs!
basestatus What's the base status?
bequiet Be quiet! N/A
builders We need builders!
building I'm building.
clearthepath Clear the path!
defending I'm defending.
defend Defend!
eggs N/A We need more eggs!
enemyisnear Careful, enemy nearby. Enemy is near!
enemyomdown Enemy Overmind down! N/A
enemyspawnsdown Enemy spawns down!
enemynodesdown N/A Enemy telenodes down!
enemyterritory N/A Enemy territory!
fallback Fall back!
fixbase N/A The base needs fixing!
flank Flank!
following I'm following you.
followme Follow me.
gogogo Go! Go! GO!
grangers N/A We need grangers!
grenade Grenade! Watch out, grenade!
holdback Hold back.
holdposition Hold this position.
incoming Incoming!
inposition I'm in position. N/A
moveup Move up!
mowemdown Mow 'em down! N/A
needammo I need ammo! N/A
needbasi N/A Need friend basi!
needhealth I need health!
no No.
rebuildbase N/A Base needs rebuilding.
regroup Regroup.
reporting Reporting in!
retreat Retreat! N/A
silence N/A Silence!
sorry Sorry!
spawns We need spawns!
stayalert Stay alert!
stayalive Stay alive!
stayfocused Stay focused! Stay focused.
sticktogether Stick together!
thanks Thanks!
watchout Watch out! N/A
yes Yes.


/vsay abbreviation

Use a voice say message that can be seen and heard by your entire team.

/vsay_local abbreviation

Use a voice say message that can be seen and heard by nearby teammates.

/menu vsay_top

Opens the top-level vsay menu.