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Editing reference

The official MediaWiki documentation and Wikipedia's documentation are the most helpful, but pages can at times be difficult to find.

Best practices

  • Do host images on the wiki as opposed to third-party sites.
  • Do spell-check your work before submitting changes.
  • Do write change summaries.
  • Do try to make similar pages visually consistent.
  • Do consider creating templates when markup becomes redundant.
  • Do capitalize the names of human weapons, buildables, and upgrades when the names are names and not just descriptions. E.g., "battery pack" could be left as-is, but "Lucifer cannon" or "Lucifer Cannon" are preferred over "lucifer cannon".
  • Do not use lossy image formats for shots of player classes, weapons, and upgrades.
  • Do not link to the same page as you are editing.
  • Do not link to a page that has already been recently linked to.
  • Do not use horizontal rules to delimit list items.
  • Avoid redundancy with the page title in section titles.
  • Do not unnecessarily bold text.
  • Do not use colons in section titles.
  • Do not capitalize the initial of a noun, even if it is something game-related.
  • Do not use abbreviated names in image filenames. For example, write "Reactor.png" instead of "Rc.png".
  • Do not include the GUI or HUD in screenshots of items or weapons. Disable them by setting cg_draw2D to 0.
  • Do not use preformatted text blocks for anything other than preformatted text. Preformatted text blocks are defined by indenting text by one or more characters, and are typically used for code or console displays.


Tables can be formatted in the wiki syntax:

 {| style="wikitable
 ! Heading 1
 ! Heading 2
 | Row 1
 | Item 1

 | Row 2 of the table
 | Another item


... or in the HTML syntax:

   <td> Interesting information </td>
   <td> Anime </td>

Use which ever option that you think will make the page source easier to read for new editors.

  • Don't use colspan or rowspan unless absolutely necessary — they make understanding and editing table source codes much harder
  • Beware tables without a style will lay your information out but not draw borders around it.

Best Image Guidelines

Although bandwidth is not an issue for the server, image-heavy pages are a pain to load for most users. Keeping sizes down while ensuring no visible quality issues is advised.

In almost every case you should only be using one of three image formats for this wiki:

  • PNG
  • JPEG with quality around 85 to 90
  • SVG

If you need a better quality JPEG, then consider using PNG instead. The JPEG quality scale gives exponentially rising file size for exponentially lowering extra quality as you increase the Q number. For final images, quality 85-90 is approximately the line where artefacts start becoming visible for most people.

Do host a second lossless copy of images you may think need both lossy (for pages) and lossless (for further editing) variants. Do not use formats such as:

  • webp
  • jpeg2000
  • gif
  • mng
  • bmp
  • etc

... because they are either inefficient compared to JPG and PNG or not supported by the majority of web browsers.