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This page describes one or more entities.

It is considered a work in progress.

You are welcome to improve the textual descriptions for entities, but

  • do not change the key names, since these have to be changed in the source code, and
  • do not add additional MediaWiki markup.

The new description text will eventually be exported to a new entities.def.

worldspawn (0 0 0) ?

Used for game-world global options. Every map should have exactly one.

Text to print during connection process. Used for the name of level.
path/name of looping .wav file used for level's music (eg. music/sonic5.wav).
level gravity [g_gravity (800)]
maximum amount of power the humans can use. [g_humanBuildPoints]
maximum amount of sentience available to the overmind. [g_alienBuildPoints]
The highest stage the humans are allowed to use (0/1/2). [g_alienMaxStage (2)]
The highest stage the aliens are allowed to use (0/1/2). [g_humanMaxStage (2)]
A comma delimited list of human weapons or upgrades to disable for this map. [g_disabledEquipment ()]
A comma delimited list of alien classes to disable for this map. [g_disabledClasses ()]
A comma delimited list of buildables to disable for this map. [g_disabledBuildables ()]


_ambient OR ambient
Adds a constant value to overall lighting. Use is not recommended. Ambient light will have a tendency to flatten out variations in light and shade.
RGB value for ambient light color (default is 0 0 0).
Dynamic Light Granularity - granularity of the lightgrid created by q3map. Value is three integers separated by spaces, representing number of units between grid points in X Y Z. Default gridsize value is 128 128 256. Use larger powers of 2 to reduce BSP size and compile time on very large maps.
Minimum light value, levelwide. Uses the _color key to set color. Does not add unlike ambient.
Minimum vertex lighting, levelwide.
Minimum lightgrid (dynamic entity lighting) levelwide.
Ignore q3map_sun/sun directives in sky shaders and ONLY use entity sun lights.
_ls OR _lightmapscale
Lightmap Scale - Floating point value scaling the resolution of lightmaps on brushes/patches in the world. Can be overridden in func_group (or other entities) (default 1.0).
Keep light entities in the BSP. Normally stripped out by the BSP process and read from the .map file by the lighting phase.
Sets the cel shader used for this geometry. Note: omit the "textures/" prefix. Overridable in entities.
Shader to use for "fog hull." Foghull shader should be a sky shader. Omit the "textures/" prefix.
_cs OR _castshadows
Allows per-entity control over shadow casting. Defaults to 0 on entities, 1 on world. 0 = no shadow casting. 1 = cast shadows on world. > 1 = cast shadows on entities with _rs (or _receiveshadows) with the corresponding value, AND world. Negative values imply same, but DO NOT cast shadows on world.
_rs OR _receiveshadows
Allows per-entity control over shadow reception. Defaults to 1 on everything (world shadows). 0 = receives NO shadows. > 1 = receive shadows only from corresponding keyed entities (see above) and world. < 1 = receive shadows ONLY from corresponding keyed entities.
BSP Block Size - q3map always splits the BSP tree along the planes X=_blocksize*n and Y=_blocksize*n. Default _blocksize value is 1024. Increase the blocksize using larger powers of 2 to reduce compile times on very large maps with a low structural brush density.
Limit on how many units the vis phase of compilation can see. Used in combination with level-wide fog, it can help reduce r_speeds on large, open maps.


Path/name for the art file used to guide the mapping of textures on the terrain surface.
Integer value is the number unique root shaders that will be use on the terrain.
Path to the metashader used to assign textures to the terrain entity. Note: Omit the "textures/" prefix.

Reserved or Currently unused

The number of kills the humans must aquire to advance to stage 2. Defaults to [g_humanStage2Threshold].
The number of kills the humans must aquire to advance to stage 3. Defaults to [g_humanStage3Threshold].
The number of kills the aliens must aquire to advance to stage 2. Defaults to [g_alienStage2Threshold].
The number of kills the aliens must aquire to advance to stage 3. Defaults to [g_alienStage3Threshold].