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Chat networks


We use IRC (Internet Relay Chat) channels and our forums to discuss work on the game and help people. Many of the developers, artists and players remain permanently connected in IRC whilst others drop in and out when they can.

IRC is tantamount to a multiplayer version of Notepad; where ideas are exchanged fast and furiously, words are taken out of context, people misinterpret them, and feelings get hurt. In most cases, we trust people to be kind, helpful, responsible and mature individuals. For everyone else, we have these rules. Remember that access to our channel(s) is a privilege that we provide, not a right. We reserve the right to revoke your privileges.

If you want to ask for help: please remember that everyone lives in different time-zones and can't always be at their computer. You need to stay logged into the channel for generally a few hours until you get a reply. If this does not suit you, our forums might be better.

Our IRC channels are:

If these channels are even down we have a backup on QuakeNet:

See our chat page for details.

Those other networks are bridged to our IRC channels:


The Matrix room is bridged with IRC.


The Discord room is bridged with IRC.

Channel rules

We strive to adhere to Libera.Chat channel guidelines, but we also have our own rules.

Global rules

  • Do not post links to illegal material or pornography. No exceptions. This is a bannable offense.
  • Do not spam the channel. This means repeatedly posting meaningless material, or the same thing several times in a row.
  • Do not abuse bots. Bot spam is not entertaining to anyone that isn’t the direct participant. If you have to spam bot commands, use them via /msg to keep them to yourself.
  • Do not flame each other. Keep it to private messages. If it gets out of hand, both sides of the conflict will take a short break.

Development channel rules

  • Stay on-topic! Try to keep discussions going about coding or assets. Offering constructive feedback whenever possible is encouraging and speeds up production.
  • NO personal attacks are allowed (flaming someone beyond what would potentially be considered "tongue-in-cheek" criticism). We have NO TOLERANCE for this and you WILL be banned!
  • Contact a developer if there’s a problem in the channel.

These rules will be enforced after either a private or public warning to the offender to give them a chance to stop, followed by a quiet (+q) in the channel, which will be removed when we feel you are ready to participate in the conversation again.

If you have an issue with another developer that cannot be resolved by a channel operator, please contact Ishq, illwieckz, Viech or cu-kai directly.