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Dedicated server hosted by `Ishq

99% Unvanquished stuff, `Ishq hosts one personal service.

Administration is shared among some team members.


  • System: Debian
  • Web server: Nginx
  • PHP application server: PHP-FPM
  • Database: MariaDB/MySQL
  • SSL certificates: Let's Encrypt

Hosted web services

Hosted game services

  • primary master server (unvanquished-master)
  • official US game server

Hosted chat services

  • Overmind IRC bot: autovoice webchat users, welcome messages, antispam features, PyTIBot
  • Unvanquished IRC bot: announce game and events, Mantis
  • Granger: keeps note for users, do some fun stuff as well (markov), ruby-rbot
  • DiscordFlips: bridge IRC and Discord, matterbridge

Dedicated server hosted by illwieckz

99% personnal stuff, some Unvanquished services among others.

Has been used as a landing page when `Ishq dedicated server was offline.

Administration is not shared. It may be possible to share administration powers on the game-related virtual machine or to redesign things to make it possible.


  • System (hypervisor): Debian Xen
  • Web front: Nginx
  • SSL certificates: Let's Encrypt
  • System (web virtual machine): Debian
  • Web: Nginx
  • System (gaming virtual machine): Ubuntu
  • Web: Nginx

Hosted web services

Hosted game services

  • secondary master server (unvanquished-master)
  • official EU game server