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This page describes one or more entities.

It is based on the current entities branch and as such considered a work in progress.

You are welcome to improve the textual descriptions for entities, but

  • do not change the key names, since these have to be changed in the source code, and
  • do not add additional MediaWiki markup.

The new description text will eventually be exported to a new entities.def.

target_speaker (0 .7 .7) (-8 -8 -8) (8 8 8) LOOPED_ON LOOPED_OFF GLOBAL ACTIVATOR

Sound generating entity that plays .wav files. Normal non-looping sounds play each time the target_speaker is triggered. Looping sounds can be set to play by themselves (no activating trigger) or be toggled on/off by a trigger.

path/name of .wav file to play (eg. sound/world/growl1.wav - see Notes).
delay in seconds between each time the sound is played ("random" key must be set - see Notes).
random time variance in seconds added or subtracted from "wait" delay ("wait" key must be set - see Notes).
targetname, targetname2, targetname3, targetname3
the activating button or trigger points to one of these.


sound will loop and initially start on in level (will toggle on/off when triggered).
sound will loop and initially start off in level (will toggle on/off when triggered).
sound will play full volume throughout the level.
sound will play only for the player that activated the target.


The path portion value of the "noise" key can be replaced by the implicit folder character "*" for triggered sounds that belong to a particular player model. For example, if you want to create a "bottomless pit" in which the player screams and dies when he falls into, you would place a trigger_multiple over the floor of the pit and target a target_speaker with it. Then, you would set the "noise" key to "*falling1.wav". The * character means the current player model's sound folder. So if your current player model is Visor, * = sound/player/visor, if your current player model is Sarge, * = sound/player/sarge, etc. This cool feature provides an excellent way to create "player-specific" triggered sounds in your levels. The combination of the "wait" and "random" keys can be used to play non-looping sounds without requiring an activating trigger but both keys must be used together. The value of the "random" key is used to calculate a minimum and a maximum delay. The final time delay will be a random value anywhere between the minimum and maximum values: (min delay = wait - random) (max delay = wait + random).