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This page describes one or more entities.

It is based on the current entities branch and as such considered a work in progress.

You are welcome to improve the textual descriptions for entities, but

  • do not change the key names, since these have to be changed in the source code, and
  • do not add additional MediaWiki markup.

The new description text will eventually be exported to a new entities.def.

misc_model (1 .5 .25) (-16 -16 -16) (16 16 16) CASTSHADOW AUtOCLIP FORCEMETA

Generic placeholder for inserting MD3 models in game. Requires compilation of map geometry to be added to level. If the map is compiled with Q3Map2, then ASE, 3DS, OBJ and other model formats are supported.


direction in which model will be oriented.
path/name of model to use (eg: models/mapobjects/teleporter/teleporter.md3).
Individual control of PITCH, YAW, and ROLL (default 0 0 0).
Floating-point value used to scale a model up or down (default 1.0).
Floating-point vector used to scale a model's axes individually (default 1.0 1.0 1.0).
Used to remap textures/shaders in the model. To remap all shaders to a given shader, use "*;models/mymodel/mytexture". To remap a specific shader, use "models/mymodel/old;models/mymodel/new".
Used to attach the misc_model to a brush entity, where its "targetname" key is the same value.
Floating point value scaling the resolution of lightmaps on this model (if model is using lightmapped shaders) (default 1.0).
_cs OR _castshadows
Allows per-entity control over shadow casting. Defaults to 0 on entities, 1 on world. 0 = no shadow casting. 1 = cast shadows on world. > 1 = cast shadows on entities with _rs (or _receiveshadows) with the corresponding value, AND world. Negative values imply same, but DO NOT cast shadows on world.
_rs OR _receiveshadows
Allows per-entity control over shadow reception. Defaults to 1 on everything (world shadows). 0 = receives NO shadows. > 1 = receive shadows only from corresponding keyed entities (see above) and world. < 1 = receive shadows ONLY from corresponding keyed entities.
Sets the cel shader used for this geometry. Note: omit the "textures/" prefix.


Toggles the model casting shadows on the map surfaces.
Sets the autoclipping spawnflag, automatically assigning q3map_clipmodel to any shaders used by the model. Use of Q3Map2 autoclipping for models is only recommended for large models with relatively few triangles in their mesh (i.e. terrain). The Q3Map2 autoclipping algorithm is a bit of a hack, and can hurt in-game performance (as well as produce erroneous clipping results) when used on small, dense models.
Sets the forcemeta spawnflag, automatically adding q3map_forcemeta to any shaders used by the model (which, in turn, allows the model to become lightmapped). This, effectively, is the "lightmapped model" spawnflag.