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This page describes one or more entities.

It is based on the current entities branch and as such considered a work in progress.

You are welcome to improve the textual descriptions for entities, but

  • do not change the key names, since these have to be changed in the source code, and
  • do not add additional MediaWiki markup.

The new description text will eventually be exported to a new entities.def.

path_corner (.5 .3 0) (-8 -8 -8) (8 8 8)

Path corner entity that func_trains can be made to follow.

target, target2, target3, target4
point to next path_corner in the path and/or other targets to fire when the path corner is reached
targetname, targetname2, targetname3, targetname3
the train following the path or the previous path_corner in the path has to point to one of these.
speed of func_train while moving to the next path corner. This will override the speed value of the train.
number of seconds func_train will pause on path corner before moving to next path corner (default 0 - see Notes).


Setting the wait key to -1 will not make the train stop on the path corner, it will simply default to 0.