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The homepath is the user data directory for Unvanquished and the Daemon engine.

Default locations

If you installed the game using Flatpak, see Game locations for specific paths.

The default user directory is:

Platform Default user directory (homepath)
Linux #xdg ${HOME}/.local/share/unvanquished
Windows %USERPROFILE%\Documents\My Games\Unvanquished
macOS ${HOME}/Library/Application Support/Unvanquished


The homepath can be set on the command line using the -homepath option. You must use this if you want to run more than one instance of Daemon concurrently (for example both a dedicated server and a client), because there is a single-instance restriction: only one instance of the Daemon engine can use a given homepath at a time.

Homepath contents

In the root of the homepath may be found log files, the client's RSA key, the console command history, and temporary .nexe files for the currently running gamelogic modules. It may contain the following subdirectories:

Directory Purpose
base/ For Linux launcher users, default install path for engine
condump/ Records of console output, saved with the condump command
config/ Executable (via /exec) scripts of console commands, in particular autogen.cfg
crashdump/ Crash dumps (see Breakpad)
demos/ Recordings of gameplay sessions
game/ Readable and writable area for gamelogic
glsl/ GLSL shader cache
pkg/ Downloaded DPK packages (maps, mods)
screenshots/ Screenshots
videos/ Videos made from demos