Hosting one's own awesome mod

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The page Server/Running provides extra information on server configuration.

For now, it's only some notes and improvements may come later.

Building the dpk (additions to how to build mod):

  • with 7zip: cd mod-<name>_src.dpkdir; 7z -tzip -mx=9 a ../mod-<name>_<version>.dpk .
  • can simply depends on Unvanquished, the mod's content will be applied on top of Unvanquished's data

To host a mod, one needs two types of software servers on the host machine:

  • an HTTP server (https does NOT work)
  • daemonded

Starting daemonded: ./daemonded -homepath server +exec server.cfg

Unvanquished provides it's own maprotation.cfg file internally, which is used by default by provided file (rotation1 { goto defaultRotation })

Things to change in config/server.cfg:

  • sv_hostname "my awesome server": name displayed on server list
  • g_motd "my awesome mod": what to display when people connect
  • sv_allowdownload 1: must be 1, since people won't have your mod otherwise
  • sv_dl_maxRate "1000": seems pretty useless, related to UDP download, slow as hell anyway
  • sv_wwwBaseURL "": where to find the files to download, do not put protocol
  • sv_wwwDownload "1": enable HTTP download (otherwise only slow UDP download will work)
  • sv_wwwFallbackURL "": where to find packages you don't provide, a rather good idea, don't you think?
  • set fs_extrapaks mod-awesome: mods to load at startup, relative to pakpath (TODO: document), up to the first underscore (_), since text after is reserved to versioning and extension. Last version will (probably?) always be used.

Last but not least, place in

  • the dpk files people will need
  • a file named PAKSERVER containing the text ALLOW_UNRESTRICTED_DOWNLOAD, you can download a ready to use one there.