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Servers can be quickly setup over LAN by starting a match in-game, however this is not as powerful or efficient as running a dedicated server separately.

Starting the Server

The executable 'daemonded' (daemon dedicated) should be included with your installation. Check your install directories:

Platform Variant Default Binary Directory (fs_libpath) Default Data Directory (fs_basepath) Default User Directory (fs_homepath) Notes
Windows 32 bit C:\Program Files\Unvanquished My Documents\My Games\Unvanquished The actual directories depends on where the game was installed.
64 bit C:\Program Files (x86)\Unvanquished
Mac Unvanquished/ Unvanquished/ ~/Library/Application Support/Unvanquished The data directory is the directory containing
Linux Compiled from source Path containing binaries ~/.unvanquished The default user directory is a hidden dotfile.
Installed from repo /usr/lib/unvanquished /usr/share/unvanquished

For example:

./daemonded +set fs_libpath /usr/lib/unvanquished +set fs_basepath /var/lib/unvanquished

Quick list of useful options:

  • +nocurses — disabled ncurses console interface, so messages remain on-screen after crashes.
  • +map mapname — without a map the server will kill itself


Unvanquished is currently a small community. Please don't aim to create a server in order to only compete for players — division of players will disallow larger matches.


Port 27960 (default quake 3 server port)

Configuration and Operation

To discover more commands than are listed here: type a first letter (eg 'g') and press Tab to list available options starting with that letter. If you are in a terminal: Shift+Page Up allows you to scroll and the opposite for down.

Server Config File

Platform Location
*nix /etc/conf.d/unvanquished.conf
Windows C:\Users\*username*\Documents\My games\Unvanquished\config <--may be depreciated
Mac  ???

Ensure your server mode is not set to '2' unless you want your server to be listed for other players.

# Server mode
# 0 - local server
# 1 - LAN server
# 2 - public server

Public servers will want to set sv_hostname to a non-default value


Please add common and useful commands, not every one

Command Description
devmap Loads a map with sv_cheats enabled. sv_cheats cannot otherwise be changed during play
listadmins List current admins in-game
listlayouts List available layouts (for this map?)
listplayers List current players in-game
listmaps List maps available to the server


Please add common and useful cvars, not every one

Cvar Description
g_dretchPunt Allow dretches to be pushes out of the way by bigger aliens?Please verify!
g_friendlyfire Allows players to hurt their team
g_gravity Gravity.
sv_maxclients Maximum number of joined playersPlease verify!
g_maxGameClients Maximum number of players in teams (ignoring spectators)Please verify!
g_motd Message displayed to joining players (Message Of The Day)
g_needpass Whether passwords are enforced on game entry or not
g_password Password to enter game

(wip) A short tutorial on how to make a dedicated server.(14/10/2017)


Tip: Please see linux commands tutorial and vim tutorial (really recomended) Install vim: sudo apt install vim -y

  1. Download the latest update by running this command in the folder that you want to be your game directory: wget
  2. Unzip the file by running: unzip (if you don't already have unzip you can get it by running apt-get install unzip)
  3. Create a folder called config in the unvanquished folder using the mkdir config command.
  4. create 2 cfg files inside the config folder using touch server.cfg and touch maprotation.cfg
  5. Create a script to ease starting a server:
Run: touch
Then give it proper perms: chmod +x

Edit it: vim

Press i to enter in insert mode, copy & paste this:

./daemonded -homepath ./ +exec server.cfg

Press esc and type :wq to save the file.

Go to config/server.cfg and edit it (vim server.cfg) Copy & paste this, and edit to match your preferences:

// Unvanquished dedicated server configuration file.

// -----------
// basic setup
// -----------

// Whether the server is advertised on the internet or in the LAN only.
set server.lanOnly                "0"
set sv_dedicated "2"
// Server name and motto of the day.
set sv_hostname                   "Yet another unvanquished server"
set g_motd                        "Welcome & have fun!"

// Number of client slots.
set sv_maxclients                 "20"

// Private slots are reserved for players who know the password.
set sv_privateClients             "2"
set sv_privatePassword            "unique"

// ------------
// team balance
// ------------

set g_teamForceBalance            "1"
set g_doWarmup                    "0"

// ----------------
// client downloads
// ----------------

// Whether clients are allowed to download missing files from the game server.
set sv_allowDownload              "1"

// Whether clients are redirected to a webserver for faster downloads.
set sv_wwwDownload                "0"
set sv_wwwBaseURL                 ""

// ------------
// map rotation
// ------------

// Name of the first map rotation to use.
set g_initialMapRotation          "rotation1"

// The first map must be loaded explicitly. This must be the last command.
map plat23

Run the server with ./

Want to keep the server after closing a ssh session? See this tutorial


  1. Download the latest version of unvanquished from the GitHub releases page here.
  2. Unzip the file into the directory you want your server to run from.
  3. Create a folder inside that directory called config