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The maprotation.cfg file holds a server's default map rotation.

Basic Format

This list will indefinitely loop

maprotation1 {
 vega {
   // execute console commands on mapstart
   cp "Important message for everyone"
 parpax {
   // load the map with one of the layouts
   layouts myfavoritelayout mysecondfavoritelayout

Advanced Logic


Labels are used as location markers. They can bee 'seeked' to using a goto statement:

goto #label

For more advanced logic IF statements can be used. if STATEMENT ACTION

Where STATEMENT is one of:

  • numClients (> or < or = ) (number)
  • lastwin (aliens or humans)
  • random

...and ACTION is either a map or label to goto.


if numClients > 8 vega
if numClients < 4 chasm
if lastwin humans #mainloop

Misc Notes

  • If you want to reverse a goto, use return
  • goto can jump to a label in another rotation, and resume will return to the last rotation.