Mass Driver

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Mass Driver
Death from afar.
Cost 350 credits
Unlock -
Magazine Size 6
Extra Magazines 4
Reload Time 2 seconds
Energy Weapon No
Damage 40
Damage Per Second 40
Damage Per Magazine 240
Fire Rate 1 per second

The mass driver functions as the human team's sniper rifle, firing with great accuracy over long distances due to the scope function, which lets you zoom in on things.


  • With it you can kill dretches from any distance with a single shot.


Fulfilling the niche of a sniping weapon in the human arsenal, the mass driver performs its role with lethal efficiency. The barrel of the gun is a miniaturized linear accelerator, with coils of highly conductive electromagnets running down the length. A large power pack is mounted underneath the barrel, feeding into both the magnetic coils and the fragile cartridge in the rear of the weapon. Each cartridge contains a number of narrow metal slivers, which are expensive to manufacture due to the high precision required in their manufacture, as even the slightest imbalance in the projectile would lead to undesirable inaccuracy. When the trigger is pulled, current flows into the magnetic coil, producing a powerful field that propels one of the slivers out of the weapon in a fraction of a second. Damage is caused not by the shot penetrating flesh, but rather by the shot continuing through the unfortunate victim’s body, exiting the other side with a resulting disruption of the internal anatomy that often proves fatal. Each firing draws a large amount of energy from the power pack, which must be replaced every few shots.

With a painfully slow rate of fire, the mass driver is by no means intended to be used on the front lines. As a result, it comes equipped with a targeting scope, allowing its user to aim from a safe distance. Having a source of distraction for the aliens is often beneficial to its user, such as the presence of teammates or automated base defenses to keep the opponent occupied. Carrying a back-mounted battery pack grants the wielder more shots, feeding more electricity into the power packs before they blow out.