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Waiting for you just around the corner.
Cost Free
Health 30
Unlock -
Abilities Silent steps, wall-walking
Primary Attack
Type Bite (automatic)
Damage 36
Repeat Delay 0.5 seconds

The first alien form, selectable for free at spawning. Dretch is the slowest and weakest alien form in game, second only to the granger, but compensates for this with its silent steps, small size, and wall-walking ability, making it exceedingly difficult to detect or hit. Keep in mind that they are silent only while they are moving, not jumping.


  • You can bite the head from the ground without jumping or wall walking simply by looking up at their heads. An excellent cheat! A fine hack!
  • Hide and attack humans from behind. Humans with only basic armour will most likely die before they are able to react.
  • Walk on walls to make yourself harder to hit or find yourself a good hiding spot. Although it may be disorienting at first, it will pay off.
  • Don't move in straight lines. Your slow speed and low health ensure that you'll never be able to charge at humans.
  • Use poison. As a dretch, poison is your best friend. A clever dretch can run into a crowd of humans, and tag multiple humans with poison, forcing them to either use their valuable medkits or sustain heavy damage. It is also an easy way to gather evos when your buddies kill the humans.


It is unknown just where the dretch originated, for few aspects of the toxic arachnoid suggest an independent lifestyle. The few internal organs it possesses are vastly shrunken in comparison to its enormous poison glands, which fill up the bulk of its thoracic cavity. Of the dretches left behind after alien retreats, all die within hours, making it exceedingly difficult to examine a living one in detail.

With its ability to climb any surface, the dretch is able to cling to anything, patiently awaiting a passing human to deliver a poisonous bite to. Once a dretch’s fangs pierce skin, a sudden reflex delivers a spray of venom into the wound, immediately causing necrosis of the flesh, with several bites being lethal. In addition, a dretch is capable of moving at great speed with utter silence, surprising those unfortunate humans without radar equipment.

In its capacity as a mass-produced scout and assassin, the dretch can be fielded in enormous quantities, absorbing minuscule amounts of nutrients from the creep. While completely powerless against human structures, poorly equipped humans are no match for its stealth and lethality. Even armor is no foolproof protection against a swarm of dretches, for the dozens of oozing fangs eventually find some hole to sink themselves into.