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Unvanquished is still in alpha and bugs are common in the monthly releases. Common issues are documented here so users can learn of workarounds until they are officially fixed.

If you are having a problem not listed here check the Troubleshooting and github issue tracker pages. If you still can't solve the problem: contact the developers via the IRC or on the forums.

Minor Issues

Problem Specific requirements Solution Developer Status
Keys get stuck on or stop working None Press the stuck key again or refocus your window to get proper function back Known problem. Issue 281
Some bindings do not transfer across to this release Custom bindings Re-bind your extra binds. See keybinds. Breakages are expected between early alpha releases as larger changes are made
Basilisk grab is not unlagged Moderate to high ping Aim ahead of moving enemies to grab them Basilisk gameplay is going to be redesigned

Issue 276

Bots get stuck Certain maps and areas Play on bot-friendly maps without fiddly sections — such as Platform 23 — and push bots out of areas they get stuck in. Bots are under heavy development and are always changing.