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If you do not see your issue listed here, please seek support either on the support forums or IRC. If you think you may have found a bug, please report it.


Installation fails with "Problem running post-install step".

If you get an error stating "Problem running post-install step. Installation may not complete correctly. Error getting [url]", just try running the installer again; it is possible that the mirror the installer picked was no good. Otherwise, you might want to try manually downloading the game files.

All platforms

Before attempting any of the fixes listed here, you may want to verify your installation. This takes minimal effort and corrupted asset files is often the problem.

The game crashes with "recursive error 'Syscall ABI mismatch' after: Syscall ABI mismatch"

This is most of the time caused by having a wrong combination of assets and executable. Try updating the game and assets.

The console will not open

  1. Locate the autogen.cfg file in your profile folder, which is a subdirectory of your data directory.
  2. Search for "bind ~ toggleconsole", and delete the entire line, if present.
  3. Search for "seta cl_consoleKeys", and ensure that "~" and "`" (at a minimum, though you may assign other keys if you so desire) are listed in a space-delimited quoted string. The line may look like this:
    seta cl_consoleKeys "~ ` 0x7e 0x60"

The console should now work by pressing the ~ or ` keys.

The game appears to stutter

Enable VSync either through the menu or by setting r_swapInterval to 1. Setting r_swapInterval to a value higher than 1 will synchronize rendering to every nth refresh of the display; i.e., if your monitor's refresh rate was 60 Hz, a value of 2 would result in a framerate of 30 frames per second, a value of 3 would result in a framerate of 20 frames per second, etc.

Certain maps seem excessively bright

If maps appear far too bright (consistently bright with no static shadows), your version of WebP is likely out of date. Get a newer copy from Google and re-compile.

Trouble running the game on Unices after updating to Alpha 9

Make sure that you are running daemon and not daemon.i386; the name has changed and you may safely delete the latter.

The game crashes upon compiling shaders

Run the game with "+set r_recompileShaders 1".

Miscellaneous graphical anomalies

If you are using the GL3 renderer, you may just need to recompile the shaders. Enter this at the in-game console:

\r_recompileShaders 1; glsl_restart

Not all servers are listed

Input the following into the in-game console:

/reset protocol

Hit the "Get New List" button in the in-game server browser, and the formerly omitted servers should appear.

menu list 'ui/menus.txt' not found, unable to continue!

The game files are not properly installed or they are corrupt. If this is the case, make sure that the pk3s are in the ~/.Unvanquished/main folder, paying careful attention to spelling and capitalization.

Miscellaneous game freezes/crashes or graphical glitches

If no other fix works, try reverting to the old renderer by running the game with the "+set cl_renderer gl" switch.


Cracking Sound

In the options dialog which is reachable from the main menu set "OpenAL Sound" to "No".

Mac OS X

Mouse movement seems very slow

Input the following line into the console:

/in_disablemacosxmouseaccel 0

This will enable mouse acceleration.


The game crashes with "recursive error 'Syscall ABI mismatch' after: Syscall ABI mismatch"

Run the game with the special option +set sv_pure 0.