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Free and libre audio editors

There is some good audio editors out there that fits the need, to name a few:

  • Audacity — Featured libre audio editor with lots of useful plugins, ✅️ Recommended.

Free and libre audio tools

TODO: ffmpeg for reducing from stereo to mono. TODO: tutorial for default options (opus, flac…).

Tools to convert to Opus or OGG Vorbis

  • opusenc is an Opus audio converter, by IETF, Xiph.Org and Skype, ✅️ Recommended;
  • oggenc is a Vorbis audio converter, by Xiph.Org, ✅️ Recommended.

Tools to convert to FLAC

  • flac is a FLAC audio converter, by Xiph.Org, ✅️ Recommended.

Recommended audio formats

Those are recommended audio formats to be used in source repositories and in game to be delivered to players, and related tools.

Purpose Kind Format Tool
Source All sound files flac Audacity, flac
Purpose Kind Format Tool
Release All sound files opus opusenc
See also Formats/Audio.